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By request of the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force we are posting their announcement:

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) invites you to attend one of their free online open forums to learn more about the work of their task force appointed to oversee substantial revisions to the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education that will be completed by June 2014. The Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education, first adopted in 2000, have defined information literacy for librarians, educators, and assessment agencies. The task force is working on a new approach that underscores the critical need for faculty members and librarians to collaborate to effectively address information literacy education that aligns with disciplinary content. While the exact approach is still under discussion, two new elements will be incorporated: threshold concepts and metaliteracy. These two foundational elements should provide the basis for more sustained collaborations with disciplinary faculty and create more aligned teaching and learning communities at the institutional level.

During the online open forum you will learn about the direction the task force is taking with the revisions, the composition of the group, and opportunities for you to provide feedback or ask questions about the process. Due to limited space we ask you to attend as a group under one registration. We encourage you to include stakeholders from across campus including but not limited to librarians, faculty, provosts, academic support services, general education curriculum committees, and members of accrediting agencies.

There is no charge to participate in an online open forum and each lasts one hour. Online open forums will be held:

• Thursday, October 17, 10am Pacific/11am Mountain/noon Central/1pm Eastern

• Tuesday, October 29, 8am Pacific/9am Mountain/10am Central/11am Eastern

• Monday, November 4, 10am Pacific/11am Mountain/noon Central/1pm Eastern

Sign up is limited to 300 logins for each event, first-come first-served. Register now! Links to the recorded online open forums will be posted afterwards on the website.

When the SAILS tests went into production in 2006, the Project SAILS team made a deliberate choice to make customer support a priority. This was an extension of our original plan, which was to create an assessment tool that:

  • Is affordable (only $4/student)
  • Has low technology requirements (any current Web browser)
  • Is easy to set up (test administrations can be created in less than 30 minutes)
  • Is valid and reliable (tests have gone through a rigorous testing process to ensure validity)
  • Provides actionable data (see sample test reports)

Anyone who offers a service or a product should offer good support, too. As librarians, we know that relationships with vendors are important. As consumers, we value organizations that are responsive, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Those characteristics are the touchstone of our approach, which is reflected in our reputation for customer service.

Our team is committed to supporting your implementation of the SAILS tests. We will happily answer your questions, give advice, brainstorm with you, share ideas, send you documentation, or whatever you need.

Our goal is to answer all questions within a day, but we usually are able to respond faster than that. If you use the “Contact” form on our web site, our system will notify the appropriate member of our team (depending on whether it is a question related to the test itself, a programming question or issue, etc.) for a quick response.