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Hi Everyone,

February has been a pivotal month for the Threshold Achievement Test, as we've transitioned our focus from defining Information Literacy concepts and dispositions to bringing those concepts to life as test items.  The item writing taskforce spent February drafting our first ideas for test questions and we took steps toward identifying a workflow for the process going forward.  Thanks to the dedication of volunteers from the advisory board we’re getting the chance to try out many types of test questions and many ways to gather evidence of students’ IL knowledge, experiences, and values.  The item development process will continue throughout March.

Also in March, Rick Wiggins and Carolyn Radcliff, along with other representatives from Carrick Enterprises, will be sharing news and answering questions about Project SAILS and the new test at the ACRL 2015 Conference in Portland, OR.  Rick will be available to provide additional updates on the next steps in our test development, including preliminary plans for identifying colleges and universities that are interested in beta testing modules of the new test as early as fall 2015.  If you think you might be interested, stop by the exhibitor booth to learn more or contact Rick.  We hope we’ll see you in Portland!