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I’m really excited to share our big news!  This week we started field testing our first module of the Threshold Achievement Test of Information Literacy!  Along with excitement, I’m also feeling very proud of the work that our team has done to get here.

Since my last post, our board members conducted cognitive interviews with more than 15 students.  We also started collaborating with Megan France, an item consultant (and the Assistant Director of Assessment at Santa Clara University) who reviewed all of our items as well as the feedback we received from the students who tried them out.  She made recommendations for revisions that helped to clarify and streamline our test questions.  Carolyn Radcliff did a final review and refinement of our entire module.  And now we’ve made it available to our field testing sites!

We can’t wait to start collecting and analyzing students’ responses to find out how it’s working.  And we’re also looking forward to the suggestions and observations that we’ll get from our colleagues who are facilitating the field tests on their campuses.

We’re also meeting our goals for the development of the second module, Strategic Searching.  We have all of our items written and ready to try out with students in one-on-one cognitive interviews in the next two weeks.  We’ll plan to have this module available for field testing, too, within the next few weeks.

If you’d like to field test module one or module two, it’s not too late!  Please check out this page:  You can have a key role in making this test work for our students and for our colleagues!

And if you’re planning to attend the LOEX Fall Focus on the Framework for Information Literacy, please look for me and say “hi!”  I’m excited to be presenting there about our approach to assessing students’ information literacy dispositions.