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Since my last update, we’ve continued to hit our milestones for our second and third modules (Strategic Searching and Research & Scholarship).  We’ve been doing cognitive interviews with upper-division and lower-division students to make sure that our Strategic Searching items are working the way we expect them to.  We’ll finalize this module by the end of the month and be ready to include it in the field test starting in November.

Module 3: Research & Scholarship is also coming along on schedule.  We have our performance indicators written.  Now we’re working in teams to create test items that get at students’ knowledge and dispositions related to the roles and responsibilities of scholarly conversations, the stages of the research process, and the way that scholarship builds and evolves knowledge.  We expect to be field testing this module in January, when the new semester begins.

Field testing of Module 1: Evaluating Process & Authority began last month and everything’s going smoothly.  We’re looking for more librarians (and their IL compatriots) who want to make a difference in the development of this test.  Remember that you can take part in the field testing at any time between now and the end of the academic year.  If you get started now, you could even test more than one of the modules.  And as new modules are launched, you can still field test any of the previous ones.  For more information about getting involved with the field test, please visit the TATIL website.