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May 1, 2023

My partner and I have been in the business of information literacy assessment for over 20 years. Carolyn and I were on the team at Kent State University that conceptualized Project SAILS in 2002 and put SAILS into production in 2006. In 2012 we licensed SAILS from Kent State and began offering the SAILS tests through Carrick Enterprises. 

A few years later we responded to new perspectives on information literacy by adding the Threshold Achievement Test for Information Literacy to our product line. TATIL was the result of tremendous effort by a brilliant team of librarians and other educators and went into production in 2019.

It's time now to pass the TATIL torch to others who are positioned to continue the work. We are extremely pleased that in June the Association of College and Research Libraries will take over operation of TATIL. ACRL has the resources to ensure that TATIL will continue to be available and improved for years to come. We are working with ACRL to make the hand-off as seamless as possible and you can expect the same ease-of-use, detailed reporting, and responsive support when ACRL takes over.

What about Project SAILS? We are committed to supporting and maintaining the SAILS tests. Carolyn will review and update the SAILS test questions over the next academic year in order to keep the tests current. Both long-time and new customers will receive the high quality product and service that is the hallmark of Carrick Enterprises. 

Along with the move of TATIL to ACRL, we are making other changes at Carrick Enterprises, including ceasing publication of this blog. 

We truly appreciate your continuing interest in our work and we thank you for your support over the years. 

Best wishes for your future information literacy testing!