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Get Ready for Fall 2018: Planning for Information Literacy Assessment

At Carrick Enterprises, we talk with librarians about their information literacy goals and their need for assessments that provide specific, immediate, and actionable results. Our customers have questions like these:

  • What information literacy data can we contribute to our institution's accreditation self study?
  • How can we demonstrate the value of the library to our campus administrators?
  • What role do dispositions have in information literacy? How can I understand my students' information literacy dispositions and encourage them?
  • At what point are students capable of critically assessing the information they encounter?
  • How does student information literacy differ at lower and upper division levels?
  • I want a tool that helps us know are we meeting our institutional learning outcome goals for information literacy.
  • I would like to guide my students in gaining a deeper understanding of their IL strengths and weaknesses. At the beginning of our IL course, I want them to explore what information literacy is and why they need it, as well as get feedback about where they can improve.
  • What can I tell my faculty colleagues about information literacy outcomes on our campus? I want to have focused conversations with them that lead to common priorities and collaborations.

Carrick Enterprises offers a suite of valid and reliable information literacy assessments to help answer these questions and achieve these goals. Supported by a team of information literacy and measurement experts, these assessment tools produce valuable insights that librarians are using to inform their information literacy efforts. Whether it's identifying areas for growth, looking for evidence of improvement over the course of a student's college career, or bringing formalized assessment to accreditation efforts, the Carrick Enterprises assessments deliver what you need with pricing that respects your budget.

Get Started Now


  • What are your assessment needs?  Write a brief description of the information literacy assessment project that you will be tackling. What questions are you trying to answer? What is the scope of the assessment - class-level, program-level, institution-level, or a mix?
  • Who are your potential campus partners?
    Who has the expertise and the funding you need? Perhaps more importantly, who needs you? How can IL assessment benefit a class, a program, the institution?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
    Who will want to know about your results? Who should be informed about your findings?
  • When will you give the test? When do you want to get results?

Selecting an Assessment

Explore the Carrick Enterprises assessment tools and select the best one for your needs.

Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (SAILS)

  1. Cohort Test
  2. Individual Scores Test
  3. Build Your Own Test

Threshold Achievement Test for Information Literacy (TATIL)

  1. Evaluating Process & Authority
  2. Strategic Searching
  3. Research & Scholarship
  4. The Value of Information


How will you recruit students to take the test?
Explore payment options and secure necessary funding.
Obtain approval from your Institutional Review Board, if needed.
Write up a testing plan to include when and where the tests will be given.


What will you do with the results?
What are you hoping to get from the results? How will the results help you answer your questions? What actions might be possible?

Let Us Know How We Can Help

Schedule an appointment with a member of the Carrick Enterprises team. We will help you identify the test that will meet your assessment needs, walk you through implementation, and answer all your questions.