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June Update

Hi Everyone,

June was a big month for the Threshold Achievement Test since we held a productive item writing meeting on the 13th and made significant progress on streamlining our student outcomes.  Here are a few photos from the day we spent writing test questions at Hill Street Café in Oceanside, California.
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If you made it to ALA in San Francisco, I hope you had a chance to watch the parade and take advantage of the amazing restaurants.  We got to gather some of our advisory board members for breakfast while we were all in town for the conference and we discussed our plans for doing cognitive interviews and usability testing with our first test module in August.  We’ve drafted the following outcomes for that module, which is currently titled Evaluating Process & Authority:

Outcome 1: Recognize the indicators that reveal the process used to create a source. (about process used to create a source)

Outcome 2: Understand that authority is subjective based on context and information need. (about the nuances of authority)

Outcome 3: Use indicators to judge the authority of a source (about recognizing the hallmarks of authority)

Outcome 4: Understand factors that contribute to increasing the authority of claims. (about understanding your responsibility to make yourself authoritative to your audience when you’re an information creator)

  • audience's values
  • the method used to create the source, and/or
  • the location of the source in the information cycle

Outcome 5: Conscious that maintaining attitudes and actions of questioning your own assumptions and recognizing the value of diverse world views requires frequent self-evaluation

In July we’ve already been busy defining the IL dispositions that we’ll test and digging even more deeply into the literature on affective and metacognitive assessment.  We’ll have more to announce soon about writing essay and how we’ll design the portions of the modules that measure learners’ dispositions.  So check back next month for another update. 🙂