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Project SAILS Enhancements in the Works

Carrick Enterprises has begun to modernize the Project SAILS web site, administrator tools, and reports. This work will continue through the 2017-2018 academic year and will be put into production June 15, 2018. There will be no disruption of service during this work and all existing information will be migrated to the new system.

What’s new:

Peer institution scoring

You will select the tests from your peer institutions to include as a cross-institutional score. This will be reported with all score reporting except your Custom Demographic Questions. You will continue to see cross-institutional scores by institution type, however, you will now be able to include multiple institution types in these scores.

On-demand Cohort report creation

Cohort reports will no longer be restricted to being created at the end of December and the beginning of June. Once you have stopped testing, you will be able to configure your report for production. As long as all of the tests you have included in your peer institution list are completed, your report will be generated overnight and available to you the following day. Your payment will still be required to have been received by us before you can download your report.

Student reports for Individual Scores

You will have the option to display an individualized analysis of your students’ performance when they complete the test. They will have the option to download this report as a PDF document. If you choose to not display this report to your students, you will still receive the reports in your report download.

Detailed narrative report for Individual Scores

In addition to student data, you will receive a narrative report analyzing your students’ performance on the test. This report is something that can be shared with your faculty collaborators and your library administration.

Student activity monitoring

You will be able to monitor in real-time how far along your students are as they take the test. You will see the Student Identifier (which will be called the Student Key), start time, and page number that they are currently answering. You will still be able to download a list of Student Keys that have completed the test. This will continue to include the start time, end time, and number of seconds elapsed for each student.

What’s changing:

Entirely new user interface for Test Managers

The multi-tool administrator’s tools will give way to a new Test Manager Dashboard where an overview of all of your SAILS tests can be viewed at once. System messages will be displayed for up-to-date and historical information about the changes and statuses of your tests.

Student Identifiers (Student Keys) can be local email addresses or school IDs

The current student six-digit identifiers will continue to be available for your use. Additionally, you can choose to have your students access the test using their school ID or school email address. This will eliminate the need to hand out or use mail-merge to send out individual identifiers. School IDs and email addresses are not stored on our server and you can choose whether students should remain anonymous or not.

Up to 50 Class Standings and Majors, Up to 10 Custom Demographic Questions

The number of possible Class Standings will increase from 5 to 50. Majors will increase from 17 to 50. And Custom Demographic Questions will increase from 2 to 10. Each Custom Demographic Question will continue to have up to 50 response options.

More detailed Cohort report

We are improving the graphical representation of scores and will include the performance ranking of individual learning objectives by Skill Set.

Combined invoicing

Any number of completed tests can be added to a shopping cart and paid for with a single invoice. Payment can still be made by check or credit card.

What’s staying the same:

The 3 test types: Cohort, Individual Scores, and BYOT

All three of the existing Project SAILS test types will continue to be available. Our original Cohort test is now in its 10th year of use while the Individual Scores test has been in production since 2010. We began offering the Build-Your-Own-Test option in 2016 and many schools have already found excellent uses for it.

Cohort for depth - no student scores, IS for student scores - no depth

The Cohort and Individual Scores tests continue to offer very different assessments of your students’ IL skills. The Cohort test gives you a deep analysis of 8 SAILS Skill Sets but no individual student score. The Individual Scores test gives you an overall IL score for each of your students but no deep analysis of specific IL skills.

Tests can be completed in a one-hour class period

We continue to be committed to allowing you to administer our tests during a standard class hour. 90% of students complete the Cohort test in 35 minutes or less. 90% of students complete the Individual Scores test in 45 minutes or less.

Fully accessible for all students

We are committed to ensuring that the SAILS tests are accessible to the widest possible audiences, including those with visual, hearing, motor or cognitive disabilities. We aspire to comply with best practices and standards as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act.

Only need a modern web browser to complete the test

The SAILS tests require no plug-ins or special software of any kind. Any current web browser is all that is needed for your students to take the test.

If you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please contact us for additional information.